The site is being updated and redesigned, and we hope to complete this in the next week or so.
Some menu items, links or emails may not work but you will get an idea what the general layout will be like.

Thank you for your patience.

This website was first established in January 2007, for the benefit of residents in the Westmorland and Worsley areas, as well as for local businesses. The primary function of the site is to provide residents and business owners within the geographical districts of Westmorland and Worsley of services and information available in the area, such as:

  • Local Issues and Events
  • Local Government (Community Board & City Council)
  • Bus Timetables, Rubbish Collection etc.
  • Opportunity to announce Community Events
  • A regular Community Newsletter
  • Information about local Business' and Services


In July 2017 we set up a Facebook page which is intended to be a source of information within the community, for the community.  One of the benefits is we can quickly disperse urgent information as necessary.  We invite you to join the page and contribute.